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Self service laundry

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We're your one stop clothing care shop, offering a no fuss, quality laundry service Adelaide people love

After more than 25 years in the laundry and ironing game, we know how to make your clothes, linen and laundry clean, shiny and bright. Combining the best cleaning and spot removing techniques that really work with a personal touch you’ll really love, you’ll always bring your dirty stuff back to us.

Shiny Bright’s Laundry is the laundry shop Adelaide clients can really trust. Our fabric finishing and attention to detail is unmatchable, yet our laundry services and ironing service are eminently affordable and always delivered with a smile.


Making clothes and our customers shine for over a quarter of a century!

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Ironing services

Hate ironing, but that pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger? Give us your hated chore and get on with something more exciting.

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self service laundry

Would you rather roll up your own sleeves? Indulge your DIY desire and use our quality machines.

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Service wash

No time to wash, iron and fold all that laundry? Just find it too tedious and monotonous? Put it all in the hands of the laundry shop Adelaide clients love.

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Linen wash

Are you a restaurant or another business that needs a trusted service for all your linen needs? Shiny Bright’s Laundry is quality, reliable and affordable.

Superfast Delivery System

No time to spare? Rely on our superfast delivery system to get your clothes back to your place in pristine condition, even sooner than you thought possible. Our only aim is to make your stuff look, smell and feel like new, whilst impressing you with the speed and reliability of our popular delivery service.

Other Services

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Dry Cleaning

Once you use our local, affordable dry cleaning service that offers a superior finish every time, you’ll agree we’re the laundry shop Adelaide clients deserve.
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self service laundry

Some people like to use a bit of their own elbow grease, so be our guest and DIY to your heart’s content with our range of quality washing machines.

Got something dirty? Want it clean? Leave it all to us

Your life is busy and your time is precious, so take a load off by dropping a load of your dirtiest at Shiny Bright’s Laundry. With our 27 years of experience, we know the affordable laundry services that will get your stuff looking and feeling great whilst giving you more time to do the things you really love.

Ask Us Anything

Anything else you want to know before putting your precious clothes and linen in our hands? We don’t mind at all – in fact, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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