Most of us find ironing much too time-consuming for our hectic schedules. Freshly ironed clothing gives a professional appearance, which is very important for success. Ironing service and Shiny Bright’s laundry provides the busy professional with precisely what they need. Perfectly ironed clothes because of the convenient ironing services we provide.

Ironing Service at It’s Best Right Here in Adelaide

Unfortunately, most of us never learned how to iron a dress shirt properly. Ironing a dress shirt is an art form, and Shiny Bright’s Laundry ironing service boasts 25 years of experience. Even if you do know how to iron a dress shirt chances are it takes you forever and a bit of frustration to go along with it.

Dress shirts aside each article of clothing or linens should be ironed to make it look crisp and perfect. There is nothing better than getting into bed and snuggling into nice ironed sheets. Restaurant owners can also benefit from our services and show off their tables with beautifully ironed table linens.

Formal dresses that are clean but sitting in your closet for a season are another thing to consider. Ironing services are perfect for such occasions. Chances are your dress is made of delicate and expensive fabric much better handled by a professional. Formal dresses are usually long and with layers and other intricacies making them even more difficult. Bring them to us and let us make your dress look new again!

Always sporting well-ironed attire says a lot about you and we want to help you look your best. If you’re going to try your hand ironing it yourself and don’t have an iron we also provide in-house irons and ironing boards so you can do it yourself.

You can reach us at this number 8379 2799 If you have any questions. Our helpful team of laundry specialists is waiting here to assist you in any way possible. Give us a call or drop by and visit us directly.