Shiny Bright’s Laundry is the perfect laundry service near me that offers every kind of laundry service you need. From a self-service option to dropping everything off and letting us handle it we are the best when it comes to laundry services near me.

Laundry Service Near me Convenient and Professional

With 25 years of experience, we pride ourselves in our wide variety of services and shiny bright results! We won’t return your laundry yellow and dingy as some places do. Our equipment is state of the art. Even if you want to do it yourself, you can expect your clothing and linens to come out perfectly clean and bright.

In the self-service area, we have washers, dryers, ample tables for folding laundry and even irons! Bring all your laundry here, relax, and read a magazine.

As far as services we have many to offer. One of our specialties is formal and delicate clothing. You can relax knowing your investments are in the hands of well-trained professionals with experience who care. Our conscience employees handle your treasured formalwear as if it was their own. No more worrying when you drop off that favourite one of a kind designer dress.  Your dress will be cleaned and pressed to perfection.

Whether you are a jeans and t-shirt person or a suit and dress kind of person Shiny Bright’s Laundry is sure to become your favourite laundry service near me.

Come and visit us or call us at ….. for more information. Bring all your laundry and do it yourself or drop it off and let us take care of everything. Don’t forget we also have a full linen service for those that have restaurants or do not want to iron their sheets themselves.