Linen wash Adelaide handles all sorts of linens from businesses to families. Some linens can we washed, and some must be dry cleaned, whatever the case bring them on in! Your fine linens will be dry cleaned and carefully ironed and your non-delicates washed and pressed to perfection.

Linen Wash Adelaide High Volume

High volume linen washing Adelaide is a regular part of our services. We have many clients with restaurants. Handling a large volume of restaurant linens and uniforms is one of our specialties. Perfectly clean and ironed table linens and employee uniforms are paramount to a restaurants presentation. Shiny Bright’s Laundry is proud to be a part of that pristine presentation for many of Adelaide’s businesses. We have been helping businesses look good for 25 years.

Linen wash Adelaide at Shiny Bright’s Laundry returns your soiled linens to you impeccably cleaned, ironed, and folded. Our services allow you to focus your time on your business rather than your laundry. Imagine if you had to worry about washing, drying, and folding all those linens every night after closing time. It would be too much of a time-wasting burden to handle. It’s much better to bring them to us and let us do the hard work. That’s all we do here is laundry, so we are much better equipped to handle it than you.

Whether you have personal, delicate linens, or industrial style bring them to us! We would be happy to take that load off your back. With 25 years of satisfied customers behind us, you can’t go wrong. We are located at Payneham Road, St Peters. Feel free to call us at ____ with any questions or concerns, our friendly and well-trained staff is happy to help you.

We look forward to having a long business relationship with you.