For a good number of professionals in South Australia, finding time to do personal laundry can be challenging. Hence, finding a laundry service company that’ll help remove dry-cleaning chores permanently from your to-do list is key. So how do you go about finding a professional wash and fold company offering all-round quality laundry service? Better yet, how can you tell if they’ll give your shirts, pants and skirts special attention? Well, in this post, we are going to focus specifically on quality ironing service. Below you are going to find common mistakes many make when hiring a laundry service company offering quality ironing service.

Settling For Companies Offering Cheap Services

Thinking of hiring companies offering cheap laundry services? Well, if you are and still want to receive good shirt ironing service, our simple advice is don’t do it. Don’t get this wrong, settling for cheap services can sometimes be a bright and smart idea. The problem with companies that offer cheap laundry services is quality. Many of them employ different tactics to ensure that they save on cost. This usually leads to a slump in the quality of service you receive. For instance, you’ll find that they’ll avoid hiring additional staff like, an ironing lady tasked with all things ironing. This increases the chances of your business shirts, suits and trousers not being ironed properly.

Other companies offering cheap laundry services choose to save money by overworking their staff. In such companies, you’ll find staffs given several tasks that have a tendency to negatively impact their work. If you were to take your clothes to such a company, you are likely to receive shady laundry services. For instance, they might fail on following up on pick up and delivery service on time thus inconveniencing you.

Furthermore, they might fail to iron a shirt, trouser or suit properly leaving you in a bad position especially if you are always on the go. If you really want to save money, we suggest you get to know a laundry company first before hiring them. Check things like reviews and services they offer and then determine whether it’s worth your while.

Hiring Companies with Laundry Amateurs

One way of ensuring you receive quality ironing service is going for companies with professional staff. As surprising it might be, a number of laundry service companies have laundry amateurs on their staff. What this does is negatively impact the overall quality of the laundry service you receive. Laundry amateurs in most cases don’t know how well to handle ironing services. You’ll find they don’t know how to set the ironing or which iron board and ironing board cover to use. You’ll also find that they don’t know how to use iron add-ons like spray bottles to tackle tough areas like shirt collars while ironing.

Laundry service companies with highly trained professional staff guarantee quality laundry and ironing service. In most cases, you’ll find that they’ll do everything in their power to treat your clothes well. This includes turning your shirt inside out when drying and determining how best to iron your clothes. In addition, they consider the fact that clothes of different types might need special attention.

To do this they factor in several things like fabric type, type of ironing required and iron heat. In some instances, you’ll find that you’ll receive quality work when ironing your clothes with a steam iron. You’ll also find some clothes require more or less heat than others when ironing. The best way to tell whether a company has qualified staff is by looking at reviews or visiting the company’s site.

Not Paying Attention To Service Agreements

Another mistake many people do knowingly or unknowingly is neglecting service agreements. If you are dealing with well-known laundry service companies, chances are high that they’ll have you sign a contract. If this is the case, make sure you familiarise yourself with what is included in the contract. Some companies include clauses designed to protect themselves in the event something happens to your clothes. This is a very common occurrence if you are dealing with a company that outsource their ironing duties. If something were to happen while ironing shirts, trousers or suits, they’ll pass on the responsibility to someone else. If you are caught in such a position, you are most likely to be involved in a very long compensation process.

The best way to deal with this is ensuring that you familiarise yourself with what is in your contract. If you are not comfortable with what you’ve read, it is best you find a different company. You should also ensure that the laundry company you hire does their own ironing services. This helps in avoiding unnecessary complications that might arise in the future. What if the company doesn’t have a contract? Well, the best thing to do is find out how they deal with such situations. You can do this by asking current customers, the team on the ground or going through reviews. Only commit once you are comfortable with their approach.

Taking Your Clothes To Extra-Busy Facilities

If you are taking your clothes to companies with crazy traffic, you are likely to get poor ironing service. Laundry service companies with crazy traffic end up stretching their resources. Furthermore, the time they put in ensuring your clothes are ironed properly reduces drastically. Some facilities actually end up ironing different clothes at once in order to meet client deadlines. In other words, over-stretched facilities do things that are sure to affect the quality of the ironing service you receive. With such negatives, there is a high chance you’ll receive poor ironing services or damaged clothes. Hence, it is important that you settle with laundry service companies that are not over-stretched. This way you can be sure that they will take their time ironing your clothes.

Familiarise Yourself With Their Ways

Failing to know how a laundry service company operates is another common mistake when seeking quality ironing services. One way of getting to know how a laundry service operates is understanding the items, steps or products they use. Get to know how they iron slightly damp clothes or steps they take to end up with perfectly pressed clothes. If possible, familiarise yourself with the place where they choose to iron your clothes. Surprising as it might seem, some laundry service companies fail to iron your clothes on a flat surface. In most cases, these are companies that are either too small or companies that have grown too quick and lack adequate space to properly iron your clothes.

In most cases, you’ll be able to tell whether a company has enough space for ironing or not. How you ask, well, by just looking at them. If a company is not organized (pieces of clothes are everywhere), there is a high chance they don’t work with a flat surface. Going through customer reviews can help inform you whether a company is organized and uses a flat ironing surface. If the ironing reviews are great, then they definitely care about their ironing services. If the ironing reviews are bad, start searching for alternative laundry service companies offering quality ironing services.


Hiring laundry service companies offering quality ironing service is vital especially if you are always on the move. You need a laundry service that delivers clothes to you that don’t need any more work. Simply put them on and continue with your day. One laundry service company in Adelaide that offers quality ironing services is Shiny Bright Laundry.

We have in place qualified staffs that are knowledgeable on all things ironing. They work all day to ensure that your clothes receive the right ironing treatment. If you would like to try out our services, you can contact us over the phone using +61 (8) 8362 8273. You can as well visit us at our shop or simply visit Shiny Bright Laundry site for details on what we do.